Rebuzno awards


Red Organic Wine
Maturana mono-variety

The donkey is the metaphor of the old culture and the traditions of the vineyard. The progress of generations of farmers who have made Rioja great is not understood without the help of this animal in the field tasks. Unjust and ungrateful, the donkey is a species that was at risk of extinction. Its transit is similar to that of the Maturana tinta grape, a very minority and exclusive variety of Rioja that fights not to succumb. In that duel with modern life, he gives us red wines as special as the monovarietal Rebuzno.

Tasting Notes

A deep, intense coloured and voluminous red wine, with a very fresh and elegant finish. Hints of raspberry and vanilla.


Bodega Las Cepas, B-26468231
Ctra Najera-Cenicero s/n 26313 Uruñuela. (La Rioja) | (+34) 615 996 878