Las Cepas wine Legado Decand

Legado Decand

Organic wine barrel 15 months Graciano mono-variety

Respect is a word worn out by time. It deserves facts to show that his definition remains consistent. And maintaining a legacy is an exercise in respect. To value that intangible heritage that are the feelings and teachings of loved ones. Alberto Ramírez has taken a step forward and does so with Legado Decand, a Rioja monovarietal of Graciano, which he elaborates with his hands and with the heart of his grandparents Demetrio and Cándido.

Tasting Notes

A high robe wine of Bigarreau cherry color and well covered background. Fairly intense on the nose, with a predominant aroma of black fruits. In the mouth it is powerful, elegant, balan- ced, fleshy, and with very fruity flavors, mainly of ripe fruits.


Bodega Las Cepas, B-26468231
Ctra Najera-Cenicero s/n 26313 Uruñuela. (La Rioja) | (+34) 615 996 878